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Spiritual Coaching 

Spiritual coaching is a way to involve a spiritual element to the traditional coaching relationship. A spiritual coach will guide their clients to find inner happiness, peace and harmony while supporting them on their journey to finding their own sense of wholeness.

My Philosophy


I help you connect with a deeper meaning of the world and your life in general. Your development and life journey is broken in two realms, the Physical and the Spiritual.  I help you find a deeper purpose, work through past difficulties, create a life plan for change, help you reduce anger, sadness to become the best version of yourself. You need someone to help you to ask good questions to unlock the answers you, deep down, already know.


  • Improved sense of peace

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Improved sleep

  • Increased confidence

  • Improved decision-making

  • Better ability to deal with ambiguity

  • More direction

  • Increased happiness and moments of joy

What you can expect from me:

  • A genuine appreciation for the privilege and responsibility you have entrusted me as your coach

  • A coach that will help you design (spiritual and other) goals and support you to meet them

  • A commitment to support and assist you as you further your professional & personal life

  • Feedback, challenges and requests that will stretch you while remaining non-judgmental

  • Honesty and straight answers

  • A resource and a partner to be used to your best advantage in the learning process

  • A coach who is himself continually investing in developing and honing skills to enhance work with clients

Image by Jared Rice
Guided Meditation
Meditating at Home
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