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Beautiful Nature



Since 2003 Dave has been helping organizations and professionals create solutions that increase wellness, success and revenue at the same time! As a leadership and conflict expert, master trainer & coach, his programs provide solutions to the stressful (and costly) obstacles most individuals experience on a daily basis at work and home. Dave is authentic and passionate about his work, always looking to help provide valuable support to people trying to level-up on their journey!


Dave’s educational background and professional experience is quite extensive. Beyond his Master’s degree he holds over a dozen professional certificates in conflict, coaching, executive/leadership, negotiations, mediation, business, innovation, wellness counseling and more. All of these are from top-tier universities. Dave has worked with many audiences including: SAIC, NASA, The Martin Luther King Center for Non-Violence, Reed Smith, Dominion Power, Novo Nordisk, Military & Intelligence Community, Medical & Dental Community, Martial Arts Community, ManTech International, NTCA, EPA, ATPCO, National League of Cities, Project Management Institute, PA House of Representatives and many others. 


Dave has written over 25 books, won awards, hosted and has been interviewed for podcasts, radio and TV segments, spoken at national/international conferences and has worked with over 40 organizations. He is also an instructor level Black Belt in Krav Maga and a certified Reiki Master and a Grief Educator. Dave’s distinct background helps him assist organizations and their people to move forward together. His dynamic, humorous style and remarkable depth and breadth of content has earned him a great  reputation from his many audiences.

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